What Percentage of Pending House Sales Fall Through?

With house sale rates falling over the last year, the idea of a sale falling through scares sellers more today than in the past. Buyers are not as common as before, meaning sellers want to be selective about who they consider for their home.  Rather than worry, let’s talk about what percentage of house sales … Continued

4 Tips to Help You Sell Your House Without an Agent in Knoxville

Selling your home independently, or FSBO, without the assistance of professional real estate agents, can be overwhelming at best. If you’re like many other home sellers, your immediate thought upon deciding to sell was to call a real estate agent, quickly followed by cringing at the thought of paying their high real estate commissions. Stepping … Continued

5 Things to Avoid When Buying a Knoxville Investment Property

As a professional home buying company in Knoxville with years of experience in the market, we know that for new investors that don’t have experience purchasing property with an investor’s mindset, buying an investment property can be an exciting opportunity; we were there! However, there are many red flags you should watch for to avoid … Continued

Learn What to do With Your Costly Knoxville Fixer-Upper Property

Unfortunately for owners of fixer-uppers, when competing in the real estate market, most buyers search online for properties they can move into immediately. As a result, the likelihood is high that they will scroll right by a listing that doesn’t present well. As a result, sellers understand they are up against a severe challenge when … Continued

5 Tips for People Who Have Inherited Real Estate in Knoxville

When you’ve inherited real estate in Knoxville, it doesn’t necessarily mean congratulations are in order. Instead, it’s the beginning of a long road of decisions and details to handle at an emotionally difficult time. However, as the clock keeps ticking, holding costs will begin to add up, and you’ll need to take quick action to … Continued

For Sale By Owner in Knoxville: The Costs, the Time, and the Results

How well listing fares on the Knoxville real estate market and how many days on the market depends significantly on your home’s condition and willingness or ability to rectify any glaring issues. You’ll also need to pay for any necessary repairs or replacements, either upfront or through negotiating the cost of the repairs with your … Continued


Can You Sell a House With a Failed Septic System?

Are you considering selling your house but it has a failed septic system? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A failed septic system can be a major obstacle when trying to sell your home. In this blog post, we will discuss the best options for you so that you can still get the best cash offer … Continued

Sell Your House Without Any Costs in Knoxville

One of the biggest problems with selling your house is the cash outlay to get ready. Not only do you need to prep for photographers and showings, but if your home isn’t new or new, you’ll probably be making the expensive repairs you’ve been dreading or paying for them through the nose in negotiations. Whether … Continued