13 Real Estate Terms You Should Know

13 Real Estate Terms You Should Know

The real estate process can be tricky for seasoned veterans, let alone a beginner who has never worked in the industry before. Whether you’re buying or selling, one of the most basic things anyone can do before dipping their toe is to educate themselves about the important terms and vocabulary that will be used. The … Continued

8 options when your home isn't selling

8 Options To Consider When Your Home Isn’t Selling

You decide you want to sell your house. So, you get everything in order. You make all the required repairs and clean up any messes. You do your research to figure out the right price. You hire the right real estate agent and make sure you’re meeting all the legal requirements. You put your house … Continued

Ways to get out from a mortgage

5 Ways to Get Out From Under a Mortgage

In today’s economic times, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to find themselves in a situation where they’re dealing with negative equity on their house. Often referred to as an underwater mortgage or upside down mortgage, it means that the balance remaining on your mortgage loan exceeds the actual value of the property. For example, you … Continued

how to sell a house with code violations in Knoxville, Tennessee

How to Sell a House With Code Violations

Can You Sell A House With Code Violations? Did you ever stop to wonder if your house is “up to code?” It’s not really something most people think about. But if you’ve ever replaced an air conditioning unit or renovated a bathroom or added a backyard deck, it’s possible that the new additions or final … Continued

Selling A House That Needs Work In Knoxville TN

How To Sell A House That Needs Work In Knoxville, Tennessee

Selling A House That Needs Work In Knoxville, Tennessee You’re thinking about selling your home, but you’ve got a problem. Actually, you’ve got a lot of problems. The roof is leaking. There’s a mold infestation in the attic. There are places on the front porch where you dare not walk because you might fall right … Continued

how to find the best real estate company in Knoxville Tennessee

How To Find The Best Home Buying Company In Knoxville TN

Finding The Best Home Buying Company In Knoxville TN Buying and selling real estate isn’t something that most people do every day. In fact, according to the statistical analysis site FiveThirtyEight, the average American moves 11.4 times in their lives. That might sound like a lot but when you consider only a handful of those … Continued

selling a house with termite damage

Selling A House With Termite Damage

Can You Sell A Home With Termite Damage? Is It Possible To Sell A House With Termite Damage? When it’s time to sell your house, it can be jarring to find out that there are issues lurking below the surface you were never even aware of. Structural damage may need to be repaired. Mold you … Continued

5 tips to selling a hoarder house fast

5 Tips To Sell A Hoarder House Fast

There are so many factors to worry about when selling any residence that adding on the fact that the home belongs to a hoarder might make the sale process seem insurmountable. While plenty of homes on the market are staged to perfection and rack up visitors with pleasant open house events, a hoarder’s house requires … Continued