Sell Your House Without A Realtor In Tennessee

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A house for sale in Tennessee.

The typical realtor commission rate in Tennessee ranges from 4.71% to 6.17%. The average home value in Tennessee is $294,300, so selling one for that amount would net you almost $9,100, a sizable portion of your potential earnings.

When it comes to selling your house, you have a couple of decisions to consider. When to market and sell, where you want to relocate, and how much money you intend to make are all important considerations. If you’re the “do-it-yourself” type, you could explore selling your home without the assistance of a realtor.

The main benefit of selling your home yourself for the majority of sellers is the reduction in real estate agency commission payments. However, make sure you understand the procedure and the amount of effort required before making a decision based only on financial considerations.

Below, you can learn some of the best and most effective ways to sell your house without a realtor in Tennessee and get the best deal for your property.

Selling a House Without a Realtor

For seasoned home sellers who are really prepared to put in the effort and time, selling their house for sale by owner (FSBO) is a realistic choice.

Selling FSBO has its drawbacks, though. According to research, FSBO houses often sell for around 6% less compared to those with listed agents, and you’ll still normally be responsible for paying a competitive commission to the buyer’s agent. Homes for sale by owner are also much more prone to falling out of contract after receiving an offer and often take longer to sell.

Pros of FSBO

  • More control: As an FSBO seller, you have more freedom to choose your own pricing, listing duration, marketing plan, showing schedule, and negotiating strategies, among other things.
  • There is no competition from other clients: Some real estate agents take on more clientele than they can manage, which may prevent you from obtaining the attention you want to achieve for your home-selling objectives.
  • Lower commission: If you sell your house yourself (FSBO), you won’t have to pay a commission. According to the typical commission rates in Tennessee, you might keep between 2.35% and 6.17% of the transaction price. You will save 2.35% to 3.08% in listing commissions.

Cons of FSBO

  • Less exposure to buyers: Your house won’t be listed on the local MLS unless you subscribe to a flat-fee MLS provider. Most agents utilize multiple listing services (MLS; not Zillow or Trulia) to find homes for their clients, and the majority of purchasers deal with a realtor. Fewer buyers will notice your listing when you’re not on the MLS.
  • Risks associated with improper pricing: Many FSBO sellers find it challenging to be realistic when selling their home and advertise it for too much. Making this error will prevent you from attracting buyers and cause the listing to expire. You could eventually be compelled to take a low offer or remove your house from the market and relist it with a real estate agency.
  • Safety concerns: As an FSBO seller, this will be your duty to your potential purchasers around your house. Since instances like harassment or theft might happen, not everyone feels safe being at home alone with strangers. Before choosing to sell FSBO, make sure to evaluate your personal degree of comfort.
  • Additional effort and stress: Selling a house requires a lot of labor and stress. Many FSBO sellers don’t anticipate a headache: trying to fit all the tasks and obligations into their calendars.

Ways to Sell a House Without a Realtor

Before making the decision, bear in mind that selling your house without an agent is not a simple procedure. The jobs that a realtor would typically undertake, like showings, marketing your house, and negotiating the sale price, will require a significant time commitment from you.

If you do want to sell the property without an agent, here are four pointers to get you going.

1. Set a realistic price

Look around your neighborhood for a fair, competitive price before putting your house on the market. You may find this information by searching local property tax records or using websites like Trulia. The secret is to take a close look at nearby properties that have recently sold.

Using objective criteria like square feet, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms, and the location of your home, online price calculators like Zillow’s Zestimate provide an estimation of your home’s value. For instance, if you believe your home is worth $442,000 and reside in Nashville, New York, Sevierville, Memphis, Clarksville, Morristown, Murfreesboro, or Franklin, search Zillow for active properties that are $50,000 more and $50,000 less than that.

2. Advertise

Marketing your home will cost money, whether through web posting, brochure creation, or the traditional “for sale” signage. You may also consider using social networking sites, forums, and even more conventional channels like newspapers. A wonderful approach to meeting and attracting potential buyers is through an open house.

If you’re selling your house without an agent, consider registering for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS listing), which real estate agents utilize if you’re selling your house to reach a wider audience. You may do this through websites like,,,,, and for roughly $400 each year.

3. Give a detailed description of your home

When you market your home, be sure to include both interior and exterior shots. The listing could include all the essential information, like the listing price, size in square feet or acres, and location. In addition to the total number of bedrooms, rooms, and bathrooms, please specify if the property is a townhome, mobile home, single-family, or multi-family home.

4. Negotiate confidently

You’ll need to be a skilled negotiator if you want to complete the best potential transaction. Greater decisions, beyond the ultimate sale price, are made during negotiations. Both parties will also need to come to an agreement on the timing, the division of closing expenses, and contract contingencies, among other things.

Frontal view of a "House for sale by owner" sign in front of a house.

For Sale By Owner in Tennessee

Homes listed for sale by the owner (FSBO) are sold directly by the owner without the assistance of a brokerage company or listing agent. In order to avoid the possibility of payment towards the agent’s commission pertaining to home sales, most sellers opt to sell their houses themselves (FSBO). However, FSBO sellers still need to pay the buyer’s agent a commission.

Tennessee FSBO overview

Do I need a real estate attorney?No
State disclosures needed:Residential Housing Condition Disclosure Lead-Based Painting Disclosure Flood Zone statementsWaiver for Buyer to Refuse Their Right to Disclosures
Allowable FSBO yard signYes
Competitive Commission for Buyer’s Agent2.36% to 3.09%

Source: listwithclever

You must also be aware of and comprehend all of your obligations as an FSBO seller, these include:

  • Cleaning, staging, and making any required repairs in order to prepare your house
  • Setting a fair and competitive price for your house
  • Writing a property listing description that highlights a great location, taking high-quality images, publishing the listing on several websites (both free or paid), and advertising your house on social media, by word-of-mouth, and in print advertisements
  • Checking the financial qualifications of prospective purchasers. Accepting a bid from an unqualified bidder will result in the failure of your sale
  • Negotiating the purchase agreement’s terms, including the ultimate price, conditions, repair concessions, and others
  • Completing all documentation required for a real estate purchase in Tennessee correctly

Best Way to Sell a Home Without a Realtor

Your top three alternatives for selling a property without a realtor are as follows:

1. Use FSBO to manage the sale by yourself 

FSBO is often chosen by sellers because they wish to take complete control of the transaction and avoid paying agency commissions. However, more control also increases accountability. The listing has to be promoted, and priced fairly, and open houses and walk-throughs need to be held.

2. Sell to a buyer who will pay cash

Sell your home for cash if you require a quick sale. Cash buyers are people or organizations who buy your house outright without the requirement for lender finance, such as iBuyers and house-purchasing businesses. Convenience and a speedy sale are provided by cash purchasers, but often at the expense of a larger transaction fee as well as a smaller net profit.

3. Use a real estate lawyer

Real estate transaction attorneys may assist with the drafting and interpretation of the voluminous closing documentation, including legal documents and contracts. Regardless of whether you’re selling your house via a realtor or not, based on your state, one could even be obliged to have a real estate attorney present at the closing.


Not everyone is a good match for FSBO. However, now that you are aware of what is in store, if you feel confident about all the procedures and potential difficulties, you could be prepared to sell without a realtor.

We believe it’s more advisable to engage with a real estate agent unless you reside in a hot real estate market and are a seasoned seller, as it will save you a lot of time and stress throughout the house-selling process. You can also consider selling to cash home buyers. 
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