Moving to Nashville Pros and Cons List

Deciding to move to a new city or an entirely new state isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It’s important to conduct the necessary research, especially regarding employment opportunities, housing, education, and even nightlife.

Life in Nashville has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s crucial to consider both and weigh in on whether the pros outweigh the cons. 

In this guide, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of living in Nashville, Tennessee, so that you can carefully consider both and make an informed decision about moving to The Music City. 

moving to Nashvillle Pros

Pros of Moving to Nashville TN

One of the best reasons for relocating to Nashville is the abundant job market. Nashville’s economy is booming at a steady pace, and the unemployment rate is currently sitting at just 2.6%. If you happen to have skills and experience in STEM fields, healthcare, the music industry, and tourism, you’ll find plenty of exciting job opportunities for young professionals in Nashville, especially if you’re an aspiring country musician. 

When it comes to housing and expenses, the cost of living in Nashville is pretty competitive when compared to the national average. In fact, the cost of living in Nashville is 3% lower than the national average, with the price of housing being 9% lower. Paired with a certain job, a low cost of living would allow you to live comfortably, without breaking the bank. 

Newcomers are bound to be spoilt for choice since Nashville has a vast array of housing options. Nashville also has a relatively low median monthly rent cost, so you’re better off renting than purchasing a home if you’re moving to Nashville

Nashville has a pretty lively nightlife; the Music City rarely sleeps, and downtown Nashville is filled with restaurants, coffee shops, and bars featuring a buzzing music scene. The musical diversity Nashville has to offer can only be rivaled by New York City’s own music scene. 

Nashville also has mild winter weather, which makes life more bearable for those who don’t like the snow. The temperatures drop, but not too drastic levels that would cause any major inconvenience to locals.

Cons of Moving to Nashville Tennessee

Admittedly, Nashville does have plenty of job opportunities, but the wage growth is slow, growing approximately 3% per year. While the scope of career progression for Nashville residents is looking great, the earning potential isn’t as high compared to more competitive markets, such as Los Angeles or NYC. 

Accommodation and housing also have their downsides, since the housing is very limited close to the city center, and the rent is typically higher. This is somewhat strange, considering that living further away from the city center usually means a better quality of life, primarily due to lower noise levels.

Despite being relatively low, the cost of living is pacing behind wage growth. This means that Nashville is bound to become more expensive as its economy and city bounds expand. 

The city also offers plenty of outdoor activity and other attractions for tourists, such as the Parthenon, which can be annoying at times. Battling the already limited public transport to get to your favorite music venue is becoming increasingly difficult, as the number of tourists increases by the year. 

While the winters aren’t as cold, summer months tend to get very warm, with average temperatures being around 90°F (32°). Another problem is high humidity and the presence of allergens. Pollen levels in Nashville are exceptionally high in spring, which is why Nashville ranks among the top seasonal allergy capitals in the United States. 

Lastly, public transportation comes in several forms, from buses to rent-a-bikes, but the bus service’s infrastructure is surprisingly limited. 

why move to Nashville

Why Would You Move to Nashville

Nashville is a fantastic place to live, especially if you’re a fan of southern food, like hot chicken, country music, and The Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans sports teams.

Downtown Nashville also has excellent neighborhoods, some of which are very close to the city center, which means you’ll be within walking distance from Nissan Stadium, and home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman Auditorium. Here are some of Nashville’s best neighborhoods: 

The Gulch

The Gulch is Nashville’s fastest-growing neighborhood, separated by downtown Nashville by just a few city blocks. The neighborhood offers easy access to the interstate and some of the best venues in town. However, the cost of living continues to rise as The Gulch becomes more popular. 

Music Row

Music Row is the home to some of the world’s most prominent recording studios, which is why many young people moving to Nashville choose to live there. Considering that most of the neighborhood is filled with rentals, occupied by young professionals and college and grad students, finding a home for sale here can be tricky. 

East Nashville

East Nashville consists of all the neighborhoods east of I-24, including Eastwood, McFerrin Park, Maxwell, Greenwood, and Lockeland Springs. The neighborhood saw massive changes in the past decade, including giant renovations, business growth, and neighborhood revitalization. This made it into what it is today, a haven for the arts and culture. 


Located just 15 to 20 minutes away from downtown Nashville, Brentwood offers a quieter, suburban atmosphere for young families. Surprisingly enough, the housing in this area tends to be more affordable, which is fantastic if you’re in a position to buy. 

Benefits of Moving to Nashville

There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities in Nashville that you might enjoy, alone or with friends. In most cases, local bars and breweries have a pool table, and there’s always a live show somewhere. The locals and natives are the embodiment of southern hospitality, so you’re bound to meet friendly people. 

Outdoor activities could include a visit to the Parthenon, located in Centennial Park, or visiting the local zoo, the Adventure Science Center, or even the Country Music Hall of Fame. If you’re going to live in Music City, you might want to learn some of its rich histories. 

When it comes to learning and education, Nashville has some of the best public schools, and there’s a strong emphasis on education within Nashville communities. The standard of public schools in the Nashville area is generally better than the national average, and students are more likely to attend a university after graduating from high school. 

However, it’s worth noting that public schools in Nashville tend to be exorbitantly expensive, with tuition at private schools being significantly higher than the national average. And that’s without factoring in the additional expenses, such as extra-curricular activities and school uniforms.

real estate and taxes

Real Estate and Taxes

Tennessee has incredibly low property taxes because the state relies on specialty sales taxes from sales of fuel, cigarettes, beer, and liquor. Hotel and rental car taxes are mostly paid by visitors from out of state, so sales taxes rest upon the shoulders of Tennessee residents. 

As a result of low property taxes paired with a low cost of living, the median home price in Nashville skyrocketed to $405,000 as of November 2021. That’s a 38.8% increase from the national average of $291,700. Despite the high median home prices, the Nashville housing market is one of the hottest in the U.S., making Nashville one of the nation’s top cities for the fastest-selling houses. 

Companies that buy houses in Tennessee taxpayers that are looking to sell have their hands full, as they’re trying to satisfy a high demand for housing, working off a relatively low supply. Nexus Homebuyers are cash home buyers in Knoxville residents turn to for fast sales. 


Moving to Nashville is a life-changing decision; the cost of living is lower than the national average, including the median rent price, and the city is the cultural and educational center of Tennessee. 

However, the real estate market is currently at an all-time high, considering the high demand and low supply of housing caused by the influx of new residents to the city. If you’re looking to sell your residential property, contact Nexus Homebuyers — we buy houses Nashville residents are looking to sell, offering reasonable cash deals. 


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