Is It Safe To Live in Nashville?

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is Nashville safe

When you are thinking about buying a home anywhere, one of the most important considerations is location. Real estate professionals claim that property choices are all about Location, location, location. However, there are many aspects to consider when you are buying a home in any neighborhood. 

Nashville, Tennessee was once one of the safest cities in the country to live in, but over the years with steady city growth, Nashville has slipped down on that list. While East Nashville still has many safe neighborhoods, there are other areas that show higher-than-average crime rates. 

If you are interested in selling your home in Tennessee and looking for someone to buy your house in Nashville, Tennessee you may be eager to move due to higher crime rates. Whether you choose another city or a safer neighborhood in Nashville, it’s important to know as much as you can about the quality of life and safety of any neighborhood in which you want to live. 

Nashville has drawn people from all areas due to its entertainment value and acclimate weather. The city itself has a lot to offer its residents and visitors. If you are thinking about settling in Tennessee, Nashville is a wonderful city to choose from.

Is Nashville Safe?

If you are thinking about selling your home to cash home buyers in Knoxville and looking at properties in Nashville, you will want to know more about the area. The quality of schools, the availability of health care, nearby amenities, and safety statistics are all important aspects to consider.

Millions of residents are proud to call Tennessee home. It has a favorable tax program, a mild climate that gives citizens a taste of all four seasons is the home of country music, and is rated as a safe place to live. While there are some urban areas where the local crime rates tend to inflate the state averages. However, overall Tennessee is a safe state to call home. One of the safest places to live, in terms of crime rates, is just outside of Nashville.

Whether or not a certain area is safe encompasses many factors. Homeowners with young families may be more concerned about different factors than retirees. If you are moving to Nashville or one of the suburban communities surrounding the city you will want to know the facts about a few safety issues including street safety, secure public transportation, and medical facilities.

    Nashville At Night

  • Nashville has a vibrant nightlife and does not present any higher risks of walking at night than any other urban area
  • Seniors are encouraged to leave the downtown Nashville area before dark as the street crossings and uneven sidewalks could present a trip and fall risk
  • If you are out in Nashville in the evening it’s best to walk with a companion and stay in well-lit areas

    Natural Disasters

  • Nashville is located far enough to the east of the famed Tornado Alley area of the midwest to be at low risk for severe wind storms and tornadoes
  • Nashville does get seasonal rains in the spring and fall that can result in low-lying areas flooding
  • Winters are mild and have an average of only 6.5 inches of snow per season.
  • The City of Nashville has an excellent Disaster Risk Management program to keep its citizens safe

    Safe Public Transportation

  • Nashville has many options for public transportation including buses, trains, taxis, and Uber
  • Nashville’s public transportation is no more dangerous than anywhere in the country
  • Uber is a safe option due to the safety features of their application

   Medical Care

  • The city of Nashville and its surrounding suburban communities have a sufficient number of hospitals and medical clinics to meet all the needs of its residents   

For those who are looking to move out of the big city and head to the suburbs with the help of companies that buy houses, there are several stunning suburban areas including Germantown, Green Hills, and Hillsboro to consider. Living in the suburbs provides residents with a more peaceful place to call home with the benefit of still living close to all the amenities that the city center offers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the safest neighborhoods in Nashville.

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Some Safe Neighborhoods In Nashville

    Kingston Springs

  • The suburb of Kingston Springs is less than a 30-minute drive to downtown Nashville making it the perfect location for commuting residents 
  • Located on the Harpeth River, this small community of 2,800 has many natural features that will give you the feeling of country living 
  • The strong school system and low crime rates
  • Kingston Springs is rated one of the top places to retire in Tennessee
  • Homes can be purchased for $300,000 to $550,000


  • Located just 15 minutes south of Nashville, this is the perfect suburb for commuters
  • Luxurious neighborhood with high-end homes, higher cost of living, and amenities like restaurants and coffee shops
  • The award-winning public school system
  • Median home prices and condo prices are over $750,000
  • Very low crime rates   


  • Family-oriented community on the shores of Old Hickory Lake
  • Located a short 20 miles north of Nashville
  • The population of 57,000 with many amenities that you would find in a large city
  • The crime rate is less than half the National Average
  • Homes in Hendersonville range from $350,000 – $650,000

When looking for a home in the Memphis or Nashville area, while it’s good to have knowledge about the nicer suburbs, it’s also important to know what areas to avoid. The city center of Nashville has a few neighborhoods that include higher crime rates in the same fashion as many urban centers. It’s important to take a closer look at the area that you are looking at beyond the housing market statistics. As a buyer, you don’t want to end up finding an affordable home in Music City and then find out that the neighborhood is less than desirable. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the least safe neighborhoods in Nashville, Tennessee.

    Heron Walk

  • The population of 11,938 with 938% higher crime rate than the National Average
  • Total reported crimes in 2021 were 14,832 with 4,026 violent crimes including murder and property theft


  • The population of 7,729 with nearly 13,000 crimes reported in 2021
  • Violent crimes reported in 2021 were 3,091

    West Meade

  • The population is 469 but many of the crimes are committed by perpetrators from outside this neighborhood
  • A total of 11,347 crimes were reported in 2021 with over 4,500 violent crimes

Before you decide on a property in the city of Nashville, it is important to check the crime rates to protect you and your family.

Nashville Crime Rates By Type

Nashville Crime Rates By Type

The City of Nashville has had some ups and downs with its overall crime rates during the past 40 years. With an all-time high of 59,522 Part 1 Crimes in 1996, Nashville has tamped down those numbers through police reformation to a reported 37,023 in 2021. While there is still obvious room for improvement with its crime statistics, Nashville is rated as an average crime area compared with the National numbers.

It’s important to note, that the numbers reported here only account for Part 1 crimes which are often referred to as the violent crime rate. These include violent crimes, property crime rates, and armed crimes. Other illegal actions like fraud or traffic violations are not factored into these numbers. Let’s take a closer look at Nashville’s crime rates per crime type in 2020 and compare them to the 2019 numbers. 

Crime Type20192020Average Changes
Criminal Homicide84114+37.15%
Rape & Attempted Rape518482-7.13%
Robbery With Firearm1,2861,156-10.11%
Aggravated Assault4,9865,854+17.14%
Larceny – Theft22,00021,977-0.10%
Motor Vehicle Theft2,8163,153+11.97%
Total Crime Index Offenses35,81937,072+3.50%
Total Violent Crimes7,5838,247+8.76%

Local Nashville Response Times

In the past few years, Nashville residents have been seeking answers about the long response times from authorities for non-emergency accidents. While the Metro Nashville Emergency Services claim that they are doing their jobs as much as they are able with limited staff and resources, longer than average response times have many residents worried about their safety.

In some cases of non-emergency calls like a car accident without injuries, residents have had to wait for several hours to talk to a police officer. With response times rating as average among the national listings, most residents understand that crimes of a more serious nature including violent crimes must be attended to in order of priority, but there is still concern about the lack of resources.

In response to concerns from Nashville citizens, the Police Services Department has committed to opening an additional police precinct with over 100 new officers in 2022. These additional resources are intended to help shrink the response times of emergency personnel and build confidence in the residents of the area. 


Nashville is a vibrant entertainment capital of the Southeast and has many natural and cultural gifts to offer its residents. As in many large metropolitan areas, there are going to be some areas that are more prone to criminal activity, and the same can be said about some central metro Nashville neighborhoods. However, if you are thinking about moving to the Nashville area, there are still many lovely neighborhoods and suburbs where your family can enjoy a high quality of life.

As Nashville continues to grow, the municipal governing bodies are invested in expanding the police force and other emergency agencies to help those in need. Your family can enjoy a wonderful life in Nashville, a city that has much to offer. 

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