Selling a House with Solar Panels: Help and Advice!

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Selling a House with Solar Panels: Help and Advice!

As solar energy rapidly grows, you may be one of the many homeowners realizing the immense benefits of installing solar panels on your home. Not only can they reduce your carbon footprint and slash your electricity bills, but solar panels can also potentially boost your home’s value. If you’re hoping to sell, you likely have questions: How will a solar lease impact the process? What do buyers look for in a solar home? How can you turn the panels into a key selling point? 

In this guide, we’ll dive into those questions and more, empowering you to leverage your solar setup for a quicker, more profitable sale. So whether you want to sell your house fast in Knoxville or anywhere else in Tennessee, keep reading to uncover your home’s hidden value and navigate buyer quirks like a pro.

Selling Your House With Solar Panels

Selling a solar home can be a game-changer if you play your cards right. First, get clear on what type of system you own – a solar lease, power purchase agreement (PPA), or panels you own outright. This will shape your strategy.  

If the panels are yours, that’s a huge selling point. Many buyers love the idea of lower energy costs and shrinking their carbon footprint. Show them proof of the savings with before-and-after utility bills. Share any warranties or guarantees from your installer too.

With a solar lease or PPA, you’ll need to negotiate with the leasing company or new homeowner. The buyer may agree to take over lease payments, or you might have to buy out the lease yourself. An experienced agent who knows solar can be a big help, easing buyer concerns and ensuring a smooth sale.

Remember, while panels can add value, the exact amount depends on factors like panel age, efficiency, local energy costs, and renewable incentives. So highlight the unique perks of your solar setup, emphasizing sustainability, efficiency, and lower bills. 

Using solar as a selling point doesn’t just boost your home’s value – it also helps grow the solar industry and the broader clean energy movement. That’s a win-win for everyone!

Understanding the Value of Solar Panels

Before diving into solar pros and cons, it’s key to grasp the value panels add to your property. They can be a major selling point, given the rising demand for renewable energy and efficient homes. Plus, the dramatic savings on energy bills are a huge incentive for cost-conscious buyers.

Solar Lease, PPA, and Solar Loan

When selling a solar home, the agreement type is crucial. With a lease or PPA, the buyer usually agrees to take over the contract. If you have a loan, you’ll pay the balance at closing. Discuss these details with buyers early on.

Warranty and Solar Installer 

A warranty from your installer can be another attractive perk, giving buyers peace of mind that any issues will be handled. Be sure to share warranty info.

Energy Bills and Savings

Buyers are often very interested in the cost savings from solar. Have your pre- and post-installation utility bills ready to show the energy savings you’ve enjoyed.

Next, we’ll cover how to market your solar home to attract and reassure buyers. Remember, presentation is everything! Make the efficiency, savings, and eco-friendly perks impossible to resist.

Energy Bills and Savings

Do Solar Panels Add Value to a Home

Absolutely – studies show solar homes can sell for up to 20% more than non-solar properties. This added value comes from the energy savings and appeal of renewable power. The exact boost varies based on factors like property size, age, location, and local electricity costs.

Solar homes often sell faster too. A well-maintained system can be a major draw, luring eco-conscious buyers and those eager to save on bills. Give buyers an info packet detailing all the benefits – efficiency, cost savings, and smaller carbon footprint. In a competitive market, this could seal the deal.

One caveat – leased panels don’t raise value like owned ones. Buyers would need to be willing to take over the lease, which can complicate the sale. Work with an agent who understands the nuances of selling solar homes and communicates lease terms clearly. 

Ultimately, your home’s value comes down to what buyers will pay. So while panels can potentially raise the price, there are no guarantees. As solar evolves, so will its impact on home sales. Stay on top of trends and dynamics to make the most of your solar sales.

Benefits of Adding Solar Panels to Your Home

Going solar brings perks that go way beyond cheaper energy. First and foremost, harnessing free, abundant sunlight can dramatically cut your monthly bills. Over time, the utility savings can cover your upfront installation costs, making solar a smart long-term investment.  

Panels also raise your home’s resale value, turning it into a hot commodity for buyers. Having a renewable energy system shows your commitment to sustainability and a greener planet. Eco-minded buyers value this and may pay a premium for solar homes.

With solar, you’re less beholden to traditional energy sources and spikes in energy costs. By generating clean power yourself, you’re also helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fight climate change.  

Lastly, solar owners can cash in on the federal solar tax credit and other incentives that offset installation costs. Factor in the bill savings and value boost and panels become a no-brainer financially.  

Just remember, solar benefits depend a lot on factors like your location, roof size, and local power prices. Weigh these and consult with a reputable installer to see if the panels make sense for you.

Pros and Cons of Selling a House with Solar Panels 

There are upsides and downsides to consider when selling a solar home:

Pros of Selling a House with Solar Panels

1. Higher Home Value: Panels can significantly raise your home’s worth. Solar properties often command a premium price that pays off over the long haul. 

2. Lower Bills: Panels can dramatically reduce or wipe out energy bills. For buyers looking to trim costs, this is a powerful selling point.

3. Eco-Appeal: Clean energy and a smaller carbon footprint attract green-minded buyers willing to pay more for an earth-friendly, efficient home.

Cons of Selling a House with Solar Panels:  

1. Upfront Costs: Going solar requires a big initial investment. Energy savings and incentives can offset this over time, but it’s still a barrier for some.

2. Lease Issues: If you lease panels, the buyer has to assume the lease. Some may balk at or be unable to take on this commitment, complicating the sale.

3. Maintenance Worries: While solar requires minimal upkeep, it’s not zero maintenance. Potential repair and maintenance costs can concern buyers. 

Grasping these pros and cons lets you deftly navigate the selling process and ensure your panels are an asset, not an albatross.

Can You Sell A House With Solar Panels?

Selling a solar-equipped home is absolutely doable. Green-conscious buyers are often drawn to properties with sustainable, energy-saving features. Panels not only slash bills but add curb appeal and a modern touch too.

The process can get a bit tricky though, depending on if you lease or own the panels outright. When they’re owned, it’s easy – the added value gets baked into your asking price. But with leased panels, you either have to buy out the lease pre-sale or the buyer needs to take it on.  

Having all the paperwork on hand about the system’s installation, maintenance, and output can be key for buyers. Walk them through how it works, the savings, and financial perks – this can give you a real edge. 

An agent experienced with solar sales can be a huge asset here too, helping you expertly navigate any twists and turns. The upshot? Selling a solar home is very possible and may even boost your home’s value and buyer pool.

How to Market a House With Solar Panels

To market a solar home, play up the unique benefits at every turn:

  • Showcase the energy savings – big utility bills slashed or eliminated are persuasive for buyers thinking long-term. Remind them about solar incentives like the federal tax credit that can further sweeten the deal.
  • Tout the environmental perks of green energy too. Eco-friendly buyers love that solar drastically shrinks a home’s carbon footprint.  
  • Drive home the point that panels raise your home’s value. Studies suggest solar homes sell faster and for more money than non-solar. This value-add can be a huge draw. 
  • Offer a solar warranty if you can – buyers feel better knowing the system is covered if any hiccups arise. 

As always, partner with a solar-savvy agent who can skillfully highlight these selling points to prospects. 

How to Market a House With Solar Panels


In the end, selling a home with solar panels can let you leverage the unique perks of clean, renewable energy. By spotlighting the financial incentives, long-run bill savings, environmental benefits, and value boosts, you can woo all kinds of buyers. 

Teaming up with a knowledgeable agent and giving buyers peace of mind with a warranty can grease the wheels further. Whether you’re aiming to sell your house fast in Tennessee or beyond, solar panels might just be your ticket to a speedy, profitable sale.

Remember, it all starts with grasping and effectively pitching the distinct advantages of a solar home. Get clear on net metering, and ownership vs lease terms, and talk to your utility company. Even repainting can raise value. Taking these steps doesn’t just contribute to a greener future – it’s a wise financial play too.

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