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Selling a lot or land in Knoxville doesn’t have to be complicated. At Nexus Homebuyers, we specialize in speedy, stress-free transactions that put cash in your pocket quickly.

Unlike listing on the market, which is often a long, expensive ordeal, our seller-friendly process can be completed in as little as 10 days. Put simply, we buy land in Knoxville and make selling your land in Knoxville easier, faster, and less stressful than ever before.

Fair Offers You Can Trust, Right at Your Fingertips

Our trusted team specializes in free and fair cash offers for Knoxville land in any condition.

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Skip the Stress (and the Commissions)

We buy lots for cash and have provided Knoxville landowners with speedy, no-pressure cash offers for their lots and land since 2017.

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5 out of 5 review
I put my house on the market one day and on the second day, they called me. We met, they did a fifteen minutes walkthrough of the property, and took it! It was smooth and easy, and I’m very impressed. They’re great people to work with and I’d recommend them to anyone looking to sell their house in Knoxville
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How Do I Sell My Land Fast In Knoxville?

Skip the stress with our simple 3-step land-selling process.

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Fill Out the Form

Share some information about the property and schedule an appointment to talk about your lot or land.

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Get a Cash Offer

We review your land and give you the best offer we make. Our offers are cash and you won't need to pay any commissions.

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Close Quickly

Nexus gives you the ability to close on your sale quickly on a schedule that works for you. Sell on your terms

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5 out of 5 review

Nexus Homebuyers was great to work with. Unexpected things came up and they went above and beyond to help us. I’d highly recommend Nexus Homebuyers to anyone looking to sell their land fast in Knoxville

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Land We Have Purchased In Knoxville

Unlike other land buyers in Knoxville, we have actually purchased lots in Knoxville.

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Washington Ave, 37917

Mr. Hammar had a property he didn't want to deal with the headache on anymore. We were able to make him a fair cash offer and buy the lot. Closing happend in a few weeks.

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Edgewood Ave, 37917

Mrs. Long came to us with a lot she wanted to sell. The property was piling up taxes and she was tired of it. We made her a fair offer that would cover the taxes and closed in a few weeks.

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5 out of 5 review

Nexus Homebuyers made an excellent job with us. They fulfilled every promise they made, it was stress-free and a great way of doing business. I really appreciate their company and their time of the day and I’d refer them to anyone looking to sell their land fast in Knoxville

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We make selling your land fast, fair, and easy.

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What To Know When Selling Vacant Land In Knoxville

When selling vacant land, determining value can be difficult. The value in land is what potentially can be done to the land. To determine what can be done to land requires consulting Knoxville zoning and codes, a builder, a surveyor, architects, city officials, and a developer.

If you’re thinking about developing the land yourself, be sure to consider the expense and time of speaking with these officials just to get an idea of what could be done to your land.

Not to mention the time and expense to hire these individuals to actually develop your land and build it out. The cost can be very high and an immense amount of time goes into developing land.

If you’d rather pass this off to someone who handles this full time, (hint: us at Nexus Homebuyers!), we can make you a fair cash offer and deal with the financial and mental stress that goes with developing land.

Some Important Things To Know Before Selling Your Land in Knoxville:

  • Zoning: zoning governs a property’s use. Municode holds zoning information about Knoxville, Tennessee. You can check it out here. Zoning districts in Knoxville include residential and multifamily (RN), office (O), commercial (C), industrial (I), form-based districts (CU and SW), and special purpose and overlay districts.

  • Knoxville Metro Codes And Planning: Knoxville Codes and Planning are responsible for letting you know what could or could not be done with a property. To learn more, visit them at

  • Topography: topography is the shape and physical features of a piece of land. If the topography or “topo” isn’t flat (since most of East Tennessee isn’t) then additional site work costs may be associated with developing the land. To check the topography of your land, visit KGIS.

  • Location and Layout: Zoning is just a part of how much a piece of land is worth. Is your lot a corner lot? Is it “landlocked”? Is your land in an area surrounded by development or in the country? Some lot layouts, like squares or rectangles, are usually easy to build on. Some long and skinny lots may not be buildable or difficult to build on. To see the shape of your lot, visit KGIS.

  • Local Land Comps: In order to get an idea of what your piece of land is worth, we have to take a look at what similar lots in your area have sold for and what new construction houses have sold for in your area. A flat corner lot will be worth a different price than a narrow lot located in a flood plain. It’s important to make sure we are comparing apples to apples. To learn more about land sales visit here and to learn more about new construction sales visit here.

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We Buy Land For Cash In Knoxville

We’ve got you covered. Since 2017, Nexus Homebuyers has provided sellers in Knoxville and across the country with speedy, reliable access to free, no-obligation cash offers for their lots and land.

Leveraging our extensive network of real estate investors, we help you get the best value for your land as quickly as possible, with no realtor commissions, or listing fees. Sell your land for cash today.

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